21.5" iMac 2013 SUPERFAST

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iMac but faster


Our SUPERFAST products have been upgraded with a high-spec Crucial Solid State Drive and at least 8GB RAM. 

These iMacs are great machines and are blisteringly fast. Out of the box they are ideal for email, word processing, basic gaming, internet browsing, and video and photo editing. Upgrade them to 16GB RAM and they are perfect for professional use and handle Adobe CS or Apple Pro Apps incredibly well.

2.7GHz i5 Quad Core 



10.15 Catalina


We ship your new iMac with a keyboard, mouse and a power cable, we also ensure that the display is in great condition too. 

We're so proud of our products that all of our Macs come with a 6 month back to base warranty. There is also a 3 YR warranty on the new Solid State Drive and RAM to make sure you can get the most out of your new iMac.