2017 13 MacBook Pro

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13 Inches of POWER


This is a great Mac, light, portable and powerful, it has a beautiful Retina display and has excellent battery life. Perfect for the studio, YouTube editing and everyday tasks like email, word processing, internet browsing and school work.

This machine is in fantastic condition and has just been fully refurbished by Apple including a new screen, keyboard and battery. There are some small marks on the bottom which you can't see.

This MacBook Pro has Apple Care Plus until December 2021. Which means it has an extended warranty and accidental damage cover.


2.3 i5



10.15 Catalina


We are happy to take your Mac back as a trade in, even if it doesn’t work. We also offer free delivery on this product if you visit our website. As this Mac has Apple Care Plus it's warranty is extended with Apple until December 2021.